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$20,000 Reward Offered In Wrongly Released Inmate Case

$20,000 Reward Offered In Wrongly Released Inmate Case

CLEARWATER, Fla., (970 WFLA) - The Department of Corrections has sent letters to each judicial circuit in the state,  saying it has made the procedures for an inmate release more strict.

The DOC will require verification on any order from a sentencing judge that could result in the early release of an inmate.

A few weeks ago, two inmates walked away from the Franklin Correctional Facility in the Florida panhandle because of forged signatures on documents sent to the Orange County courthouse.

Charles Walker and Joseph Jenkins were arrested in the panhandle over the weekend. 

But the Florida Department of Law Enforcement says it has discovered seven similar cases in recent years, including the case of Nydeed Nashaddai.  He was an inmate at the Pinellas County Jail in 2009 and was released from jail because of fake documents.  He spent only 18 hours of freedom before he was arrested, convicted and sent to Franklin Correctional.

The FDLE is trying to determine if Walker and Jenkins had any help from within the prison system..or from the outside.

The FDLE is offering a $20,000 reward in the case.


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