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A 13 Year Old Savagely Beaten On A School Bus

A 13 Year Old Savagely Beaten On A School Bus

GULFPORT, FLA. (970 WFLA) --Gulfport Police officers arrested three teens Wednesday in connection with the beating and robbery of a younger student aboard a Pinellas school bus. The driver of route #702 from Lealman Intermediate school made a radio call for assistance when three fifteen-year-old students ganged up on and repeatedly punched and kicked the smaller, thirteen-year-old victim.

Police officers responded to the location where the driver stopped the bus, 20th avenue south and 51st street, but the suspects had already fled the bus using its emergency exit. All three were later identified and apprehended.

The victim reported having encountered at least one of the suspects in a school restroom where he alleged that the suspect tried to sell drugs to him. The victim reported this to school officials, and at the end of the day, both victim and suspect rode home on the same school bus. As the bus was stopping near the above location, the three suspects began their attack, punching and kicking the victim for nearly a full minute. As the victim tried to crawl under the seat, the suspects kicked and stomped on him. in all, the suspects threw dozens of punches, often simultaneously, and at least 23 kicks or stomps.


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