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BREAKING NEWS: Jury Finds Zimmerman NOT GUILTY!!!

BREAKING NEWS: Jury Finds Zimmerman NOT GUILTY!!!
SANFORD, Fla (970 WFLA)- After 2 days of deliberation, the jury in the George Zimmerman murder trial has returned with a veridict! The six member jury has found George Zimmerman not guilty of 2nd degree murder and the lesser charge of manslaughter, in the death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.
The defense team made their final closing argument Friday morning and after a rebuttle closing by the prosectution, Judge Debra Nelson gave the jury 27 pages of instruction and sent them into deliberation.
Prosecutors said Zimmerman profiled Martin when he started following him through a neighborhood on a rainy night and started a confrontation that ended with Martin's death. Zimmerman's attorneys insisted that their client acted in self defense and asked how Zimmerman could have malice in his heart for someone he had never met. The six-woman jury will also be able to consider a verdict of manslaughter in the case.

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