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Clearwater Firefighters Save Dogs From Burning House

Clearwater Firefighters Save Dogs From Burning House

Clearwater, Fla.-(970 WFLA)-A fire in a duplex had firefighters scrambling to rescue 7 dogs.  There were two adult dogs and five puppies.  

When firefighters arrived at the home on North Saturn Street, it was filled with smoke.  The male adult dog was unharmed.  The female, however, was unconscious and having trouble breathing.  Fire Medic Robert Winer was able to resuscitate the mama dog using special pet oxygen equipment.

Four of the puppies survived with minor burn injuries and smoke inhalation.  One puppy died.  The dogs were taken to the SPCA where they are getting full verterinary treatment.  The occupants of the home were not there at the time of the fire. The fire is under investigation.

The pet oxygen masks were donated to Clearwater Fire and Rescue last year by the Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital in cooperation with the Invisible Fence Company.  All Clearwater Fire and Rescue trucks now carry the special pet oxygen equipment thanks to the donations.




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