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Clearwater Police Make an Arrest in Early Morning Murder

Clearwater Police Make an Arrest in Early Morning Murder

CLEARWATER, Fla. (970 WFLA)- Clearwater police detectives have charged a 58-year-old man with first-degree  murder in the slaying death of his former roommate.

Paul Alexander denk is accused of killing 54 year-old Amy Lynne Arnold in her residence at 1117 Turner St. in Clearwater.  The two had lived together the last three months after Denk moved from Kansas.  He was residing with her on a temporary basis until the victim kicked Denk out  of the residence last week.

He returned on Tuesday night, but the victim would not let him in the door. He slept on the carport that night. He came back to the house late Wednesday, and again the victim refused to let him in. Denk then gained unlawful entry into  the house and killed her with an unknown cutting instrument.

Denk initially said he had no involvement in the crime and that he had just  discovered her body. But detectives found several inconsistencies in his story. About 30 minutes after neighbors heard arguing, Denk was at a nearby convenience store buying beer with blood on his shoes. He went back home and  eventually called police and said he had found the body.

Denk, who has lived in Florida only a short time, has a lengthy prior criminal  history in Kansas. His charges include burglary, aggravated assault, dui and  domestic battery. The victim's sister had been married to Denk's brother years ago. Denk will be booked into the Pinellas county jail.


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