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Kennedy Bridge work moves Riverwalk toward 2014 completion

Kennedy Bridge work moves Riverwalk toward 2014 completion

TAMPA, Fla (TBO.com)- The crane and barge floating in the Hillsborough River just off Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park mark the beginning of the final stage of the Tampa Riverwalk.

Workers with Johnson Brothers LLC have begun sinking enormous metal casings that will hold the concrete pillars anchoring the Riverwalk’s future Kennedy Boulevard Plaza.

A lattice of large metal I-beams holds the hollow casings in place while they’re vibrated into the muck of the river bottom and then into the rock beneath that. Eventually, the muck and rock will be removed and concrete poured into the cylinders.

The design is similar to the one Johnson Brothers used when it built the stretch of the Riverwalk beneath the Brorein Street bridge, though larger in scale, said project manager John Meagher.

The pilings going in off Curtis Hixon and Rivergate Tower trace the outline of the first two curving segments of the plaza. The next set of pilings will go under the Kennedy Boulevard Bridge sometime next week, Meagher said.



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