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Lakeland's Police Chief: "I Am In Disbelief"

Lakeland's Police Chief:

LAKELAND, Fla. (970 WFLA) - On the heels of two scandals that have rocked Lakeland PD, Chief Lisa Womack addresses city commissioners Monday morning.

"I am appalled. I am in disbelief," said Womack.

The Polk County state attorneys office has been investigating two controversies.  In one, ten officers were involved in a sex scandal that involved a civilian employee.  In another, an officer got in trouble for making a woman shake her bra during a traffic stop.

Womack assures her department is investigating those incidents thoroughly and changes are being made to prevent those circumstances from happening again.  She says it'll take time to restore public trust in the agency.

"Are we going to get better?  Absolutely."


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