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Mom Shoots And Kills Son

Mom Shoots And Kills Son

Lakeland, Fla.-(970 WFLA)-Eighty six year-old Nancy Pennypacker had apparently taken enough abuse at the hands of her 64 year-old son, William.  Deputies say the woman shot and killed William after he punched her in the face and shot her at their home in Citrus Woods Estates.

Investigators say William had been arrested several times before for threatening his mom with a weapon and beating her.  Deputies say Mrs. Pennypacker wouldn't press charges against her son so he would be released from jail.

Neighbors report seeing the woman with black eyes and bruises after she had an ugly encounter with her son.

Nancy Pennypacker is in stable condition at Lakeland Regional Medical Center with a bullet wound in her shoulder and finger. No charges are expected to be filed against the woman as deputies say it looks like self defense.





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