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Pasco school targets slapping ‘tradition’ after mom complains

Pasco school targets slapping ‘tradition’ after mom complains

LAND O’ LAKES — A mother’s complaint has led to an effort to eliminate a Friday “tradition” in which Pine View Middle School students reportedly slap members of the opposite sex on the behind.

The situation came to the attention of Superintendent Kurt Browning about two weeks ago when Tonya Bouvette-Thompson, the mother of an eighth-grade girl, sent him an email asking him to put a halt to what she termed “an aggressive and sexually assaulting tradition.”

She wrote that her daughter had become upset during her physical education class after two boys made rude comments about slapping girls on the buttocks. The girl was asked to file a school incident report after she told a teacher what the boys said.

“Sexual assault is a big deal and I do not see why this is not being dealt with swiftly and harshly?” the mother wrote.

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