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Pinellas Detention Deputy Fired For Excessive Force

Pinellas Detention Deputy Fired For Excessive Force

LARGO, Fla. (970 WFLA) - A Pinellas detention deputy is out of a job, accused of hitting an inmate and throwing him to the floor.

Deputy Richard Stotts has been fired after an internal affairs investigation has concluded that he used excessive force.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri says inmate David Koons was restrained, his hands bound to what's known as a "belly band" around his waist, when he was escorted into the Pinellas County jail on May 8th. 

Koons was yelling and cursing at the deputies, but Gualtieri says he wasn't threatening anyone and couldn't have posed a danger to them. 

Still, deputy Stotts walked over and smacked Koons across the head and neck, taking him to the floor and laying on top of him.   Koons wasn't hurt and never filed a complaint.  But a supervisor called attention to the 13-second-long incident, which prompted the internal investigation.



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