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Scammers target Polk County

Scammers target Polk County

Phone scams targetting folks in polk county. Polk County Clerk of the Circuit Court, Stacy Butterfiled says

someone is calling, saying they're a Clerk's Office employee, and threatening to arrest them.

The scammer has left at least two voice mails telling people that fraud cases had been filed against them and that law enforcement would be coming out to serve a warrant. The caller left a phone number with an 888 area code. When the number's called, a recording states the person trying to be reached was busy. Butterfield says she supsects the scammers are looking for personal information or money.

Butterfield says the Clerk's Office does not contact people if a case is filed against them or that a warrant is being issued. They also don't have an 888 area code. If you get one of these calls, do not give any personal information, contact the Clerk's Office, and file a report with law enforcement.



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