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Tampa Couple Wants Kidnapped Grandsons To Be "Carefree Little Boys Again"

Tampa Couple Wants Kidnapped Grandsons To Be

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TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) - Giggling, waving, singing and clutching a toy Tow Mater and Hotweels car, Cole and Chase Hakken greeted reporters and photographers outside their grandparent's north Tampa home Thursday morning.

To them, their boat trip to Cuba with their parents, Joshua and Sheryn Hakken, was an adventure and vacation.

"We are just letting them tell us, as things come out, if they feel like talking.  We're just treating it as 'we went on vacation'". said the boys' grandmother, Patricia Hauser.

The Hausers, who have custody of two-year-old Chase and four-year-old Cole, allowed the media to see the boys without asking them anything about the trip to Cuba. 

Joshua Hakken is accused of kidnapping his sons from Hauser's home last week, restraining Patricia with zip ties.  The state of Louisiania terminated the Hakken's parental rights last week stemming from an incident in Louisiana last year.

The Hakkens then took their sons with them on a small sail boat from Madeira Beach.  They ended up in Cuba and were spotted at a marina in Havana this week. 

During the latest news conference, the Hausers refused to comment about that incident or anything to do with their daughter and son-in-law.  Patricia Hauser says they're just relieved the boys were well cared for the past week and will work to provide a normal life for them.

"We are trying very hard to shield the boys from media coverage and we want them to get back to their normal everyday schedules and just be carefree little boys again."



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