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Zimmerman "Not Guilty"


SANFORD, Fla (970 WFLA)- After two days of deliberations, the jury in the George Zimmerman murder trial has returned with a veridict. The six member jury has found Zimmerman "not guilty" of 2nd degree murder, and the lesser charge of manslaughter, in the death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.

The defense team wrapped up closing arguments Friday morning and after a rebuttle closing by the prosectution, Judge Debra Nelson gave the jury 27 pages of instructions and sent them into deliberations.

Prosecutors had argued that Zimmerman profiled Martin when he followed him through a neighborhood on a rainy night and started a confrontation that ended with Martin's death. Zimmerman's attorneys insisted that their client acted in self defense.

Trayvon Martin's father, Tracy, reacted by saying his heart was broken, but not his faith. Martin says he knows his son would be proud of the fight they put up after Trayvon's death.

Tampa Bay area police agencies report no major problems after the verdict. See more on the Zimmerman verdict by clicking the link.



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