Chris Davis

Chris Davis

I'd NEVER do that to MY kids!

At some point, we've all seen our parents do something and thought, "I will NEVER do that to my kids when I'm a parent." 


So HERE they are... the top eight things people say their parents did, but they'll NEVER do to their own kids . . .


1.  Call their kids names or tell them they're stupid.


2.  Avoid talking about sex.  Even if it's uncomfortable, you've
gotta have that talk.


3.  Act closed-minded about race, religion, music, or hobbies.


4.  Get angry over insignificant things.


5.  Make hypocritical decisions.


6.  Show favoritism toward one kid over the others.


7.  Use "Because I said so" as a justification.


8.  Use hitting as a form of punishment. 






*Any MORE to add?


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