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PHOTO: Did You See Who Crashed a Wedding?

Huffingtonpost.com explains how this happened...
Travolta was in Georgia getting his pilot's license renewed, reports Yahoo, when he ran into a nice young couple at a bar. The two told the "Grease" star they were getting married the next day and sure enough -- Mr. big movie star showed up at the ceremony and posed for photos with the bride, the groom and the entire wedding party.

So think back to your wedding...if a celebrity crashed your wedding would you kick them out?

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To any celebs that want to crash my little brothers wedding next weekend, email me ct@tampabaysmix.com for the details (you can be my date since I am going stag). :) Jake Gyllenhaal, Johnny Depp, Gavin DeGraw, Ryan Gosling, Colin Farrel & Ryan Reynolds need apply.


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